Living a virtuous life in the 21st Century

Living a virtuous life in the 21st Century

Hi there, Vanetta here

Thanks for stopping by.

Time is precious, so to not waste either of ours, here is a brief summary of me and this website so you can decide if you want to read on and delve deeper into it or say your goodbyes (no hard feelings if it’s the latter)

1. I’m a ‘process preacher’ so this site is mostly a collection of ‘How to guides’ on diverse topics ranging from ‘How to make your wardrobe more efficient’ or ‘How to create a life plan’ or ‘How to mature in your faith’

2. I’m a Christian, so many of my posts, videos and comments here will somehow relate or refer to my faith – sorry, not sorry. But trust I will never be judgemental or condemning.
God is love and so I hope to be.

3. I’m a Counsellor and Coach i.e. I live to convert trauma, conflict and potential into healing, intimacy and purpose and empower people to do so for themselves.

4. I love alliterations, so you’ll see them pop up quite regularly in my content 🙂

If you’re still here and ready to read on, then let’s go!

Check out the four  blog topics

Cultivating Community

Tips, tools, theories and tales on fostering healthy relationships

Finding Faith

Diving into the Words and Heart of the Father

Living Legacy

Research and reflections on leadership and our place in the world

Modern Muse

Exploring and inspiring creativity in the every day.

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