The beautiful efficiency of capsule wardrobes

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Modern Muse


 To me, efficiency is beautiful, because it enables what is
truly beautiful to have the appropriate amount of time, resources and focus allotted to it.

I have always been the type of woman to think about and choose her outfit ahead of when it is needed. Whether for work, occasions, everyday life – if I can make a decision in advance, I generally just stick to it. This is because I have no time to keep fretting about something I perceive as a minor decision, in comparison to all the other things in my life I need to call shots on.
If you are one of those people who cares more about function than fashion, then you can totally relate to what I am about to say. If you are not, then you might learn to appreciate something new today 😉

When this article by Business Insider popped up on my Facebook feed: “After eliminating 75% of my wardrobe, I realized Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are on to something big” it was a given that I would read it. And as I read, I felt both excitement and gratitude growing in me, as I began to understand why, despite being a woman; I care more about the functionality of my wardrobe, than whether it is fashionable.

As much as I am clearly ‘administratively gifted’, the older I become, I realize this is to facilitate my true calling of being a counsellor and coach to others.
So, whilst I instinctively ponder on and pray about the relational and motivational obstacles others and I are facing, I don’t have much time to deeply think of what to wear, what to eat, what to do with my money when, what I am supposed to be doing in the next 2 hours etc.

This is why automating appropriate parts of my life to increase efficiency and save resources fills me with as deep a satisfaction and joy, as for example great art, nature or travel. Not just because I like organizing things, but because of the more time this creates for the things I can’t and don’t want to automate. To me, efficiency is beautiful, because it enables what is
truly beautiful to have the appropriate amount of time, resources and focus allotted to it. In my case, what is truly beautiful are whole people, engaging in healthy relationships as they pursue their glorious purpose.
So, when I open my wardrobe the night before, thinking of what to wear the next day, I don’t want to muse over the beauty of the fabrics or the intricacy of the pattern or the shape/cut of the dress. I love and celebrate people who do and thank God that many of my close friends are like that (or else, I would still be trapped in the ‘wallflower look’ of my teens). However,
I just want to pick up something and know it works – it’s appropriate for the context I will be wearing it in and I present myself well.

Having saved up to buy myself a capsule wardrobe for my 29th birthday and thanks to a dear friend who has an eye for what works for me, I now own a wardrobe that is relevant to all spheres of my life AND is stylish. I truly enjoy my wardrobe, partly, because of how I look, but primarily because of how much time it saves me to focus on the things I truly love.

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