Living between Ruth and Exodus – Part 2

by | May 4, 2019 | Finding Faith

God is as much God of the harvest as He is the Father who gives good and perfect gifts

Don’t put God in a box

One thing I’m learning about God is He does not like to be put into a box. The minute I think
I’ve figured Him out, He shows me a completely different side of Himself.
Like in any close relationship, if we assume more than we pursue, relying on our knowledge
of someone more than their revelation of themselves, intimacy soon makes room for
misunderstandings and resentment.
So, after having that great epiphany 2 years ago about my life being more like the book of
Ruth than Exodus, i.e. God working in the background as I do my bit versus having obvious
signs and wonders, God thought to switch things up – A LOT.

 Here come the BOOMs

It started with me getting the dream car I had spoken about in Part 1 of this post. Having done
all the researching I could bear, I enlisted my dad to go and look at the car my budget was
able to afford which looked nothing like the car of my dreams. But hey, I had decided to approach it with gratitude anyway – many people can’t afford daily food, let alone a car.
When my dad saw the car I had painstakingly tried to make peace with, he immediately ruled
it out and encouraged me to look into financing a new one instead.
The thing is I had done the Maths for that too and always came back to the same end that I
could not afford the deposit AND insurance AND monthly payments AND petrol etc.
Long story short, thanks to some financial support from dad I was able to get THE car of my
then dreams, brand new, insurance covered, deposit covered with manageable monthly
I was mind blown – this was literally the 1st time in my adult life I could remember having a
big dream fulfilled that did not involve me having to do most of the work for it to begin with.
I felt so blessed and I remember vowing then to God that the car would always be an altar of
praise for me – something I would see daily and be grateful for and remember His goodness
towards me through my dad, the sales promotion going on etc. Little did I know that was just the start of God releasing some massive Exodus style booms in my life.

No more than a week after the gift of the car, beginning of April 2017, I retook up a
conversation I had started with someone online in February and then stopped as I went on a
social media fast for a month and I wasn’t too sure either of us were feeling the conversations
anyway. Turns out he very much did and when I saw his message to reconnect, I decided to give it one more go.
6  months later we were engaged, another 5 months later we were
Say whaaaaaaaaat?!

The same woman who wrote ‘Serenely Single’ not too long ago, is the same woman who recently celebrated her 1st wedding anniversary! It still baffles me sometimes how quickly that transition happened – details to come in another post soon.
My heart is sooo full, I sometimes don’t even know where to start with expressing to God
how grateful I am for everything.

I realise God is as much God of the harvest as He is the Father who gives good and perfect
And what an adventure it has been learning this about Him and also learning this about me.
Meritocracy is not my provider, my Father is.
Our rewards are not always derived from our hard work – sometimes, our Father in Heaven just throws us a party because He wants to!